The Sacred Garden For Mothers

Place yourself and your daughter in our care for two whole days and take a journey into the sacred garden of trust, inspiration and balance! All daughters desire a sanctuary of trust – where their delicate adulthood is being formed.

Enjoy Happy food & great Company

Celebration is vital – it allows us to embrace the good moments within us all! Enjoy happy food, discover great company and learn loads about what makes relationships between mothers and daughters enjoyable and successful.

Rocky Roads just need The Right Vehicle

Have fun being outrageous and receive the skills to navigate turbulent times. Not all relationships have to be perfect or up to scratch  yet they can be understood and adjusted so that they head in the right direction!

A Solid Foundation Needs a Cornerstone

There are many gifts which you can give to a daughter . . . none more valuable than footing upon an achievable and loving foundation . . . foundations built to last, do not ensure that everything will always be perfect but they do give support when real challenges arise. Families who speak the same language of affection – have each other’s back.

Learn The Aspects of

Living powerfully, with the right knowledge. Loving respectfully, with the right attitude. Looking within to discover individual uniqueness and how it can be shared honestly.

Address The Reasons For

Anxiety • Aggression • Stress • Pressure • Failure

Awaken The Gifts of

Self Worth • Self Image • Self Esteem • Self Confidence • Self Trust

Schedule of Activities

Day 1:

  • Arrive early Saturday morning, settle in and be ready for a 9am Heart Opening Yoga practice with Nicole.
  • Mid morning tea and introductions then Transformation of Power session with Jaylee
  • After lunch we play! with an Outrageously Fun Make-up session where you can go wild and let your creative juices flow with Nicole
  • We finish the day with a visualisation session by Jaylee A Cocoon of Love

Day 2:

  • We start the day with a yoga session The Yoga of Self Acceptance with Nicole
  • Mid morning we will open your mind with The Space Between on sacred relationships with Jaylee and Nicole
  • We then play cards! Have fun with The Opticon Deck created by Jaylee who will deliver a powerful & insightful session
  • After lunch Jaylee with lead the way into Living Your Life Powerfully 
  • Nicole will deliver another fun hands on Inside Out Beauty Make-Up session – get ready to laugh and feel amazing!

Event Details

Venue – TBC

Dates – TBC

Fees – TBC

Bookings –

Host – Nocole Dargie

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher
  • Make up artist (Chanel / Media)
  • Holistic Fasciliator (InsideOutBeauty)
  • Youth Mentor (School Outreach)
  • Communication and hear her needs and share your wisdom.


In this life I am passionate about sharing with you what I have learnt and integrated, there have been times where I have had my butt kicked by my teachers and mentors to ‘get out of my head’, and yoga has helped me to shift more into my body and heart, to soften into vitality. Being in the beauty industry for 25 years has showed me how to look and feel good inside and out, but also that there’s a need and a desire by women to seek love based upon our appearance. It is my mission to bust this beauty myth and provide a fun and safe space for you and your daughter to transform this into authentic beauty from within.

As a mother nothing has taught me more about being present and look within than my daughter, when she came along it was the beginning of an enormous time of challenge & change for me personally and spiritually which has lead me to do the work I am now doing.

Life is an adventure so come and explore with us and hopefully I’ll see you on retreat so we can draw that beauty and power from within, to take it and shine it all over the place!